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Alphonso Ponzo

Alphonso Ponso de Huevos y Ba'con

was born at the age of 3 in a small spanish town of Seddona, a picturesque white-walled village nestled in a small cove by the sea high in the mountains.The merry inhabitants spend much of their time sleeping or dancing. It was into this colourful world that Alphonso first emerged - he apent 20 years studying his native folk music & that of the surrounding regions - suddenly he was transported to Australia & found his home in the many festivals & parties that are the custom of that land, where he Roams around with his guitar amusing & entertaining the populace with his Romantic Solos, Gay folk dances & Silly wit.

His fleminco virtuosity inspires & awes. His Ballard's melt the coldest heart & his Magic tricks leaves one spellbound by their insanity. You can't help but be won over by the Alphonso Ponzo way.

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