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Community Celebration Projects


FUN ARTS plan & present community celebration projects.

Events that celebrate community spirit in small ways, not massive extravaganzas with "mega" stars, but with careful support & guidance feature members of the community itself.

Working alongside community groups, local councils, festivals & schools, FUN ARTS have successfully delivered projects like The "Bond" Fire & DRUM OUT! .

The Bond Fire

Fun Arts-Fire Sculpture

The "Bond" Fire project is a format which gives community members a chance to "bond" together in celebration of any number of specilal events relating to community life.

Drawing from time honoured traditions of fire & drumming The "Bond" Fire project is a brilliant way to celebrate community spirit!

An example of this is the "The Gathering" The Gathering was a project created to celebrate the Melbourne suburb of Noble Park's centenary of settlement.

Working together with the local City Council, local schools & members of the community The Gathering was a platform for the various members of the community. both long standing & recent arrivals to tell their stories of their life & experience of living in Nobel Park.

Fun Arts-Fire Sculpture Fun Arts-Fire Sculpture

Fun Arts-Fire SculptureFun Arts- Fire SculptureFun Arts- Fire Sculpture

Fun Arts-Fire SculptureFun Arts-Fire Sculpture

The event had many components, "BATACUDA" opened the show with infectious drumming & brilliant circus skills.

The audience together with local school children who had previously participated in a percussion performance/workshop performed "Drum Out!" which led to the lighting of a fire sculpture "Homage to the transport pallet".

With the backdrop of the burning fire sculpture, various guests were invited to tell their stories. Interspersed with the story telling were various fire juggling acts & a lantern parade was presented.

The lanterns were made by local school children who, had previously participated in a Lantern making /workshops at their respective schools.

This was followed by the lighting of the "NOBLE PARK 100" fire banner.

The culmination of the event was the formation of a circle by the audience around the dying embers of the fire sculpture "Homage to the transport pallet" at which time the children & their parents were invited to throw the lanterns into the fire & make a wish for the future Noble Park.

"Homage to the transport pallet" The humble pallet was picked as a symbol to represent Noble Park due to its vital role in keeping the wheels of industry & society moving in this area.

FUN ARTS conducted Percussion workshops & Lantern making workshops in schools, FUN ARTS designed & constructed the fire sculpture "Homage to the transport pallet" & the "NOBLE PARK 100" fire banner.


Drum Out Logo

Drum Out!

'Drum Out!' is a community percussion parade, using recycled materials as instruments.

Participants need no experience in percussion or performing. They can be a combination of adults & children or only children gathered from a range of schools & community groups.

Drum Out! has been a feature of events festivals / events, such as The Art is ... Festival in Horsham, Flying Fox Festival NT, Croydon Festival, Coolamon Festival, Lynbrook Shopping Center Launch, the Maryborough Technology Challenge & the Millennium Celebrations in the City of Townsville Qld, (where approximately four thousand participants drummed in the new century).

Drum Out! was a major feature of the Melbourne Moomba Parade, & also featured at the launch of the Old Parliament House "Arts House" in Singapore.

Drum Out! is normally accompanied by BATACUDA who form the back bone of the percussion, however it can also function independently depending on the number of participants.

Drum Out! has been performed with participant numbers from 150 to 4000 participants.

Drum Out! is ideally suited to opening or closing community events like festivals or other events that require community involvement.

Drum OutDrum Out

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