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Edvardo the Singing Waiter

Edvardo the singing waiter

Edvardo Iguano and his accordion !

Edvardo is a performing waiter. Sometimes comic. Sometimes serious. Always fun.

With warmth, humour and his unique talent for spontaneous song, Edvardo is full of delightful surprises.

Comments and stories from the audience are playfully woven into song.

For those who love to dance, the accordion is full of compelling rhytmns that include

The Tango, The Tarantalla, The Can Can, and Waltzes.

An engaging presence just perfect for corporate functions, cafes, promenades, markets,

promotional events or private functions as mc or roving entertainment.

His extensive repertoire includes some of the World’s greatest love songs,

well known classical themes and popular tunes.

Its Now or Never, Santa Lucia, Wooden Heart, That’s Amore, Those were the Days

and Smoke on the Water are but a few of his many musical treats.

To have Edvardo serve you some of his musical spicy treats & tasty delights call now!

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