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LosTorros Bull Heads
Los Torros LogoOle!... Ole! Ole! Ole!
LosTorros Bull Heads
Los Torros Quintet

Los Torros loosely translated as "the Bulls".

This talented band of amigos will get you hot & sweaty with their rich rhythms & danceable Latin tunes.

With a fine pedigree of music & performance, Los Torros is a 'must have' act for a Latin theme event or for any festival / function for that matter.

Smoothly interacting with their audiences Los Torros has been seen at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, a host of Corporate Functions & festivals around town.


LosTorros & Friends

Los Torros with Juan & Juanita

Another exciting creation from Fun Arts Creative Entertainment

Los Torros can perform as a Quintet or a Trio, is totally mobile, able to make music & create a festive atmosphere anywhere without the need for PA equipment.

Los Torros can combine with the Latin Fever Dancers, Juan & Juanita stilt walkers or any other acts to create a larger visual spectacle

Ideally suited for Festivals, Corporate Functions, Shopping centres, Parades & Parties etc.

Los Torros with Juan & Juanita

Los Torros at the F1 Grand Prix

Los Torros & Latin Fever Dancers

Los Torros with Juan & Juanita

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