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The Point Band

Music, Magic, & Mayhem !

Strangers in Town is a fun blend of Music, Circus & Comedy.

Strangers in Town are a snappy mix of virtuosic performers who present music from the 1920's to the present.

Styles include but not limited to-

Jazz, Folk, Lounge, Swing, Latin, Calypso, Boogaloo, even Country & Western.

Strangers in Town make a point of interacting & involving the audience in their performance.

Strangers in Town costumes are hand painted works of art, a brilliant blaze of cartoon colours Blues, Greens, Oranges, Purples a surreal mix of liquid designs.

Strangers in Town are totally mobile, require no PA & is able to perform just about anywhere.

Strangers in Town is ideal for Festivals. Fetes, Product Launches, Parties, Special Functions & Shopping Center Promotions etc...

Strangers in Town has been featured at a wide range of events which include Festivals, Art exhibitions, Neighborhood activations, Product Launches, Community Events & Corporate Events alike.

To have the Strangers in Town for your next event or function call Now!

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